Go Creative Show and the Smart Kids Video

Ya see, I told you I'd post more often.  Two days in a row.  Gotta be some kind of record.

About a year ago, Jeff Knowlton and I decided that we need to dig into doing a video for our band, Smart Kids.  We chose the song, "Good Citizen" from our first EP and started making calls. 

Nearly a full year later, it's done.   You can check it out by on Youtube here.  We're extremely proud of it.  

The team that worked on it did a round table discussion this week and it's on the podcast that I co-produce and mix, The Go Creative Show.  Check it out if you're into the video and you should check out the podcast if you're into video/film production anyway.  Proud to say it's a popular podcast that's done very well.  Ben Consoli does most of the work - I just try to make it sound good and through in my .02 worth now and again.

Ben directed the video and was surrounded by the team of people he works with on a regular basis.  Needless to say, we were thrilled to have Ben and company working on the video and we think they did a stellar job that exceeded all expectations.

Coming up in my next few posts...

- The mics I chose to use to record the podcast I mentioned above - what worked and what didn't work so well.

- My experience with the new McDSP SA2 Dialog Processor and 4030 Retro Compressor plug ins

- What was behind my decision to leave the Waves REQ's behind as my go-to dialog EQ's and what I found that's quickly become my new favorite EQ

And much more to follow.  

Oh uh, happy new year and all that kinda stuff.  Now get back to work.