Matt Russell.  Music Addict.  


Matt Russell is a musician, producer, engineer, mix engineer and audio for picture specialist.  He has been working as an audio pro for more than 15 years and has worked with local independent, regional and national artists.  In his work for picture, he's worked with a number of the largest companies in the world as well as local production companies, independent producers, writers and editors.  He lives in Boston, MA and works out of his own studio, Gain Structure Sound, as well as several Boston area studios, including Q Division Studios in Somerville, MA.

Matt first took an interest in recording while attending Berklee College of Music, where he was a drum performance major.   While playing drums on student sessions, he found the process of getting sounds fascinating - he also learned that he could get more calls to play if his drums sounded good on the sessions he played on.   What started as note-taking turned into a career in recording and mixing.

After Berklee, Matt decided to stay in the Boston area where he met and began to learn from two, great mentors, Brian McTernan and Tom Polce.  

After spending several years going to their sessions, playing drums on some of them, asking far too many questions and helping out where he could, Matt began to make his own recordings.  Quickly, he gained local notoriety and his career began.  It wasn't long before he was working constantly and developing more and more skills as a producer and engineer.    

The next step was to learn to mix.  Matt had taken the time to mix every project he had recorded - even when he would be the only one to hear those mixes.  He would play them for one of his mentors, Tom Polce, who coached him to a point where he was eventually able to offer that service to artists he was working with.  Like many others, the first mixes he completed that were released commercially were for his own band.  The "Amusia" LP, "Way Back Down", was released in 2005 and it marked the beginning of a new chapter for Matt.  This was the first time he had produced, engineered and mixed (all but two songs that were mixed by Tom) on an LP.  From that point forward, he mixed everything he worked on and began to take on other artist's recordings to mix.

The audio for picture part developed quickly as well.  At first, he was hired to make voiceover recordings and perform audio noise reduction on a multitude of different video projects.  From there, he was asked to mix several projects and yet another chapter began.   Since then, Matt has worked on countless corporate videos, television and radio commercials and indie films. 

Lastly, Matt also happens to be a huge Boston Celtics and New England Patriots fan and would have probably become a coach on one level or another in one of the two sports if music hadn't become such a huge part of his life.