From short web videos, to corporate pieces, to TV commercials, to long form pieces such as indie films and the like, I've been working on audio for picture for more than a decade and it's a huge part of what I do.  

My role as the mix engineer of a picture is to not only make the audio sound far better than it does in it's "raw" form, but I'm also charged with the task of driving the emotional content of the piece.  Simply having better intelligibility of the dialog can make your production feel more professional and "finished", but that's just the start of what a good audio mix can do.  By using the audio mix as a tool and advantage, the impact of each section and the overall flow of the piece can be enhanced and controlled to a much greater degree.

My role as a sound designer often includes the roles of mix engineer, music supervisor (selecting and licensing music), music composer, foley artist, sound FX guru and sometimes all of it.  In recent years, I've been hired more and more often to add sound FX and to compose original music for a variety of pieces - TV commercials, indie films, corporate videos and more.  I've created entire environments with lots of sound FX and natural sound palettes that I either call up from a massive and growing library I've accumulated over the years or I go out and record and/or create the environments and FX myself.

For more information and to perhaps discuss the audio mix for your next production, feel free to contact me.  In the meantime, check out the examples page.