And I begin again...

Hello visitor to my site.  I'm back writing here again and this time, I won't stop. I can't believe what an incredible year it's been, but that's probably why I wasn't ever writing here and had decided to take the blog off my site.  

If you come here often (and almost no one does right now), you'll notice the "Gear" page is gone.  It needs to be updated and frankly, it's stupid.  The tools are by no means what makes anyone want to work with me.  If I made it happen with a cup and string, would you care?  It might make for an interesting conversation piece, but if it sounds good, it just doesn't matter at all what I used to get there.

That all said, I plan to use this blog to do just that - tell you what I'm digging, how I made something happen and hopefully, play you some before and after examples via links I'll post here.


I've been inspired lately to get back at this.  My drive to Boston is now much longer as I moved out of the city, where both my studio and my favorite "other place", Q Divison, are more or less located.

That drive has me listening to podcasts as much as I listen to music.  I mix the Go Creative Show with my friend Ben Consoli at the helm, so there's no need to hear those again (I actually listen to them as I mix them - ahem), but there's Radiolab and the Pro Tools Expert podcast that are new and I'm really digging them.  I'm just about up to date with those two, so others will likely follow.  That drive can REALLY suck at times, so podcasts are helping.  A lot.

I think Ben and I are killing it with the GCS.  It's mostly focussed on the video side of production, but I sneak in some audio post stuff from time to time.  I felt like I needed a forum of my own to profess my audio thoughts and this will be it.  I'm going to hopefully keep my posts very short and to the point, which as anyone who knows me will tell you, is rather uncharacteristic of me.


I'm back writing again and will have at it as often as I damn well feel like writing about producing, engineering and mixing music as well as my whole other life as a sound designer and audio post mixer.  I plan to dig in and just go nuts with this.  No comments allowed for now, but feel free to reach me through the contact page or via Twitter.  Happy to chat, answer questions and all that.

Now then, get back to work.  I know I'm going to.