For the most part, I work as both a producer and an engineer on sessions and it's rare that I do one without the other. That said, when the circumstances are right, I have and will continue to perform just one of the roles, on a case by case basis.  When I'm the producer of a recording, I like to think of the engineering portion as just an extension of my creativity.  I like to flow through the technical without getting bogged down and doing both actually helps me "let go" and record on instinct.  

Artist quote: Jeff Knowlton, founder of 'The Break Mission'

I was literally raised in a recording studio. My father was a professional musician and recording engineer, and he built a successful studio attached to my childhood home. I grew up around music and took to it an early age, and managed to absorb, without knowing it, that collaboration and musical partnership is a blessing, but oftentimes quite elusive. Many years later, I found myself in Boston forming my own band, Redletter. I was fortunate to meet Matt Russell early on, and we struck up an immediate kinship, sharing the same passion and commitment to our musical endeavors. He has been a true creative partner, and his influence and expertise has helped me carve out a rewarding career in music. Matt has produced, engineered, mixed and mastered multiple projects for me over the years. He is an accomplished musician, as well as an extremely talented engineer. My band changed its name to The Break Mission a few years ago, and once again, I found myself working with Matt. Regardless of style, genre or approach, Matt is an asset. He knows when I need to be nurtured, and when to sit back and let my manic songwriter ego tire itself out. Matt is a tremendous talent, and working with him over the years has always been enjoyable and successful.