I've mixed not only my own recordings, but dozens of EP's and LP's that were produced and engineered by other people as well.   It's always a joy to mix and it's my favorite part of the process both when I recorded the material and when someone else did.  When I've recorded it, I love seeing it through and finishing the recording process myself, but I also love the discovery process that takes place when someone else has made the recording - it's fantastic to help them see it through and achieve their vision.  Both are equally fun and exciting.

Photo by  David Sella .

Photo by David Sella.

Artist quote:  Brian Fabiano, Cell

I have worked with Matt on numerous tracks, two EPs and other music related projects over the last 3 years. His passion and dedication to the music he works on is felt throughout the process and certainly heard in the final product.  Entering the music scene as a novice, I had so much to learn about the processes involved in recording and producing music on a professional level.  Matt's patience and ability to explain things in terms I could understand made every step of my projects not only enjoyable, but also a learning experience throughout. As a solo artist and a control freak, Matt understands when I am looking for input, and when I know what I want, and respects them accordingly.  I can say with confidence if I didn't happen to meet Matt when I did, my music would still be demo tracks with my dreams attached to them.  I am proud to call him not only my producer, but also a very good friend.